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Church Website Pricing

Pricing  and Package Options

*Custom Design will be built within the Divi System using WordPress. Some preconfigured features, e.g. fonts, and layout styles will be used. Custom design will be created within the parameters and limitations of the Divi Sytstem. If available options are not setup during the design stage, they can be added later using consultation/maintenance fees or added on yourself. Client must choose which options they want during the design and setup stage.

**ChurchWebsitesPro recommends Office 365 or another 3rd party email provider, e.g. gmail. Complimentary email hosting is also offered from ChurchWebsitesPro without support via a Control Panel for a member of your staff to manage email accounts without any extra charge.

Is your Church too big for your users to edit the site, but too small for a full time websmaster, then learn about our Personal Webmaster Service.

Don’t see a plan that fits you? We know every church situation is different. Contact us and see if we can customize a plan for your unique situation and ministry needs.