Personal Church Webmaster

Your Church Web Consultant

Terence Kendrick, Church Websites Pro Webmaster

A personal church webmaster is expensive for the average church, and quite frankly too expensive for many mega churches. The typical solution is to subscribe to a template style website out of the box. This works for some churches, and may be the only option given tight budgetary restraints.

Honestly, for a little bit more, a church can have a custom designed website created by someone who knows ministry and knows website design. How about a personal church webmaster. Getting to know your church or ministry is fundamental, and a custom design around the personality and ethos of your congregation or ministry will help generate an online presence that makes you unique.

Additionally, after the website is launched sometimes you need extra help to manage the site. An ongoing personal webmaster can be called and used for contract work beyond the monthly and setup fees.

Church Websites Pro provides that distinction. Please look around our website and see the testimonies from pastors and presidents of ministries around from around the world.

Terence developed an online flash version of our “Do You Know For Sure” tract. You can see links to this tract at the bottom of thousands of people’s emails and we’ve had hundreds, maybe thousands, accept Christ through the tract. I appreciate Terence’s kingdom mindset and generous spirit.
John Sorenson

President, Evangelism Explosion