Church Website Features

Design and Development of Website

Custom Design
We will provide a custom designed graphically professional website that will create a positive user experience. We are not a templating system. We get to know your ministry and your unique ethos.

Content Management System
Custom design will be rendered and installed into WordPress, configurable to work with all the listed features.

Brand Provided by Customer
Logo used in offline branding provided by Customer. Color Scheme will be based on offline branding or organization’s colors.

SEO Friendly Pages
We will create Search Engine Friendly page content to be spidered by the major search engines. We will also create and submit your sitemap to Google.

Real Time Web Stats
Stats page will be available to monitor effectiveness of the site.

Web content management core system options will be customized for your domain name with admin access allowing multiple levels of user access. The following are core components installed.

  • User Management
    Multiple Users will have access to editing and writing, as well as posting images to the gallery.
  • WYSIWIG Editor
    Contributors will be able to make edits to page in a WYSIWIG environment similar to a word processor by simply logging in. Contributors may be able to create and delete pages that appear in the navigation system as a button or link based on the level of access they are given.
  • Image Upload
    Contributors will be able to browse their local hard drives and upload images into the website.
  • Spell Checker
    Editor includes spell checker and Word processor clean-up and import tool.
  • Web Administration
    Can be administered entirely using a web browser, making it possible to access your website from around the world and requires no additional software to be installed on your computer.
  • Syndication
    Exports your site’s content in RDF/RSS format for others to gather. This lets anyone with a News Aggregator browse your sites feeds.
  • Blogging
    The Blogger API allows your site to be updated by many different tools. This includes non-web browser based tools that provide a richer editing environment.
  • Version control system tracks the details of content updates including who changed a piece of content, what was changed, the date and time of changes made to your content and more. Version control features provide an option to keep a comment log and enables you to roll-back content to an earlier version.
  • Admin, Contributor, and User Management
    Administrators may create levels of access based on whether they are Contributors or registered users of the website.
  • Role Based Permission System
    Administrators don’t have to tediously setup permissions for each user. Instead, they assign permissions to roles and then group like users into a role group.
  • Searching
    All content is fully indexed and searchable at all times if you take advantage of the built in search module.
  • Event Registration
    Registered Users may register for events.

The following options are also available and installed at the client’s request without any additional charge during the design and setup stage.*

  • On Demand Sermons
    Audio files may be uploaded in MP3 format and played by all constituents. Users may listen to syndicated audios in itunes as an additional feature.
  • Event System and/or Calendar System
    Events calendar may be posted with scrollable months and a calendar-like format.
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery  feature provides your visitors with an immersive slideshow experience for rich media.
  • Forms
    Online Forms
  • Newsletter Tool
    Mail Chimp, Aweber, FeedBurner
  • Social Media Integration
    Client will set their own social media sites. We will integrate this into your website.
  • PayPal / PushPay Online Giving Integration


Whether its an initial onsite visit or consultatoin, let Church Websites Pro design your website and help you use the web as a tool of outreach.  request a call today.

*If available options are not setup during the design stage, they can be added later using consultation/maintenance fees or added on yourself. Client must choose which options they want during the design and setup stage.

” . . . the website is breathtaking! Its like you knew what i wanted more than I did. We are blown away!”
Devin Pellew

Director of Ratio Christi, Winthrop University and Pastor, Holy Trinity Bible Chapel, Rock Hill, SC